Take a look at firefly GOTO seat


Product Care

Safety Information

1. Always read the instructions for use fully before using this product. Familiarise yourself with the mobility base and your chosen seating system on level ground to avoid potentially dangerous situations.
2. Park the mobility base on level ground wherever possible. If parking on a slope is unavoidable ensure the anti-tipper is in a functional position.
3. When reaching for objects in front, to the side or behind the occupant make sure the occupant does not lean too far out of the seating system as this may cause the mobility base to tilt or tip over.
4. Treat your mobility base with care. Do not drive into or against obstacles without slowing down.
5. The anti-tipper is designed to prevent the mobility base with user from tipping over backwards. The anti-tipper should not be used to support the base with rear wheels removed.
6. Do not go up or down stairs without assistance from another person. If available make use of ramps and lifts.In the absence of a ramp or lift, then 2 people should carry the base with seating system over the obstacle. If only 1 helper is available, the anti-tipper (if fitted) should be adjusted or removed as to not contact the steps, therefore avoiding a potential fall. Replace anti-tipper afterwards.
7. When lifting the mobility base,ensure that it is held by firmly attached components and not by loose or moving parts.
8. Ensure height adjustable push handle clamping levers are firmly tightened.
9. Ensure brakes are applied when stationary on uneven ground and during transfer.
10. Ensure any tilt and brake cables do not interfere with any moving parts e.g. wheels.
11. Occupants should be secured with suitable safety straps, belts or harnesses at all times.
12. In some combinations of settings the foot supports may interfere with the castors. In this case adjust the settings so that this does not happen as the manoeuvrability of the base will be impaired.
13. When using the mobility base in public areas and streets, ensure local traffic regulations are observed.
14. Be careful when adjusting the seat base to avoid finger injuries.
15. Maximum load capacity including seating system is 110Kg.
16. Ensure that screws are tightened after adjustment.