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Advance Bath Chair

  • Age1-18
  • Complexitymild - complex

Secure Bathing Chair for Children, Teens and Young Adults

The Leckey Advance Bath Chair provides postural support while ensuring the individual is safe and secure during bathing.

The product can be set up into various positions depending on the individual’s requirements, and the height can be adjusted to the appropriate height for the parent or carer.

Posture & Function

The Advance Bath Chair provides the user with the appropriate levels of postural support ensuring they are safe and secure at all times during bathing.

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  • image_title The Bath Chair provides pelvic support with a soft, adjustable hip belt.  
  • image_title Where additional trunk support is needed, a chest belt with integrated lateral supports can be attached.  
  • image_title Head support can be easily added to the adjustable backrest to provide additional security during bathing.  

Technical Overview

Suitability Complexity
Size 1: 1-5 Yrs, 750-1050mm tall
Size 2: 4-9 Yrs, 950-1250mm tall
Size 3: 8-14 Yrs, 1150-1450mm tall
Size 4: 12-18 Yrs, 1350-1650mm tall
Mild to complex
Key Product Dimensions  
Size 1:
Seat Depth: 225mm
Back Support: 350mm
Head Support: 150mm
Calf Support: 260mm
Size 2:
Seat Depth: 275mm
Back Support: 400mm
Head Support: 150mm
Calf Support: 260mm
Size 3:
Seat Depth: 335mm
Back Support: 460mm
Head Support: 215mm
Calf Support: 340mm
Size 4:
Seat Depth: 400mm
Back Support: 550mm
Head Support: 215mm
Calf Support: 340mm


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