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Contoured Advance Seat

  • Age1-16
  • Complexitymoderate - complex

Modular Therapy Seat for Children and Teens

The Contoured Advance Seat is a modular seating system for children with moderate to complex special needs.

The 3 sizes cover a large growth range. The split seat base, backrest options and wide range of accessories allow the therapist to meet the child's individual clinical needs.

Posture & Function

“Seating systems are aimed at providing an appropriate level of postural support for each child, as well as offering comfort, skin protection and stability to enable daily functional activities to be carried out at home and at school. As postural control is a pre-requisite for most functional tasks, the inability to control posture has a significant effect on function.”

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  • image_title Pelvic stability is the most important feature of any seating or mobility system. The  4-point pelvic harness and ramped cushion work together to achieve this.  
  • image_title Split back, laterals, tray, and head supports provide a range of trunk and head alignment options.
  • image_title The CAS tilt-in-space offers a range of additional positions for function.

Technical Overview


Suitability Complexity
Size 1: Age 1-5 yrs, max 30kg
Size 2: Age 5-11 yrs, max 50kg
Size 3: Age 11-16 yrs, max 80kg
Moderate to Complex
Key Product Dimensions  
Size 1:
Seat Depth 200-310mm
Seat Width 145-295mm
Backrest Height 290-350mm
Seat to Sandal 190-300mm
Size 2:
Seat Depth 260-385mm
Seat Width 195-350mm
Backrest Height 345-415mm
Seat to Sandal 245-390mm
Size 3:
Seat Depth 340-490mm
Seat Width 245-400mm
Backrest Height 425-550mm
Seat to Sandal 320-520mm


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