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KIT Seating System

  • Age12-adult
  • ComplexityModerate-Complex

Modular Mobility Seating for Teens and Adults with Special Needs

The KIT Seating System is a highly adjustable modular seating system for teens and adults with moderate to complex special needs.

With its innovative Pelvic Cradle, three part backrest with ball and socket joints and multi-positional leg guides and footplates, KIT gives clinicians the tools to meet the requirements of the most complex users.

Case Histories

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Posture & Function

Trunk and head support contributes to the stability of the pelvis and facilitates arm and hand function, concentration and social interaction.

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  • image_title Pelvic stability is the most important feature of any seating or mobility system. KIT has the exclusive Pelvic Cradle which gives unsurpassed proximal pelvic positioning.
  • image_title KIT’s 3-part backrest, along with optional thoracic supports can support and accommodate some of the most complex users unique needs.
  • image_title With leg supports to accommodate windsweeping and fully adjustable foot supports, KIT maximises overall postural stability.

Technical Overview

Suitability Complexity
Size 1: Age 12-18 yrs, max 75kg
Size 2: Age 16-adult, max 75kg

Moderate to Complex


Key Product Dimensions  
Size 1:
Seat Depth 360-480mm
Seat Width 215-370mm
Backrest Height 500-620mm
Seat to Sandal 330-510mm
Size 2:
Seat Depth 410-560mm
Seat Width 215-370mm
Backrest Height 560-675mm
Seat to Sandal 330-510mm
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