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Choose from two supportive styles and four funky designs!

Why not accessorise with a pack of super absorbent Leeway Bibs?

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    Butterfly Style - Pink Butterfly
    155-1600-03: Small Butterfly B'fly
    155-2600-03: Medium Butterfly B'fly
    155-3600-03: Large Butterfly B'fly
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    Butterfly Style - Blue Dragon 
    155-1600-04: Small Dragon B'fly
    155-2600-04: Medium Dragon B'fly
    155-3600-04: Large Dragon B'fly
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    Butterfly Style - Orange Heart
    155-1600-01: Small Heart B'fly
    155-2600-01: Medium Heart B'fly
    155-3600-01: Large Heart B'fly
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    Butterfly Style - Green Gecko
    155-1600-02: Small Gecko B'fly
    155-2600-02: Medium Gecko B'fly
    155-3600-02: Large Gecko B'fly
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    H-Style - Pink Butterfly
    155-1700-03: Sm Butterfly H-Style
    155-2700-03: Med Butterfly H-Style
    155-3700-03: Lrg Butterfly H-Style
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    H-Style - Blue Dragon
    155-1700-04: Sm Dragon H-Style
    155-2700-04: Med Dragon H-Style
    155-3700-04: Lrg Dragon H-Style
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    H-Style - Orange Heart 
    155-1700-01: Sm Heart H-Style
    155-2700-01: Med Heart H-Style
    155-3700-01: Lrg Heart H-Style
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    H-Style - Green Gecko
    155-1700-02: Sm Gecko H-Style
    155-2700-02: Med Gecko H-Style
    155-3700-02: Lrg Gecko H-Style
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    Leeway Bibs
    Available in two adjustable sizes and in packs of four dual-colour designs, the super absorbent Leeway Bibs are the perfect accessory to your Leeway Harness.
    155-1800: Size 1 Pack of 4, (pink, blue, green, orange)
    155-2800: Size 2 Pack of 4, (pink, blue, green, orange)

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Technical Overview

Machine washable at 40°C
Wipe clean denim finish
Quick-release buckles
Reversible (Butterfly Style)
Reinforced colour-coded webbing
Water repellent
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