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Everyday Activity Seat

  • Age1-18
  • ComplexityModerate

Everyday Seating for Everyday Experiences

Whether you're reading, learning communicating or playing.... it's all in a day's work with the Everyday Activity Seat.

The Everyday Activity Seat is now brighter and better! Designed specifically for children or young adults with moderate needs who still require pelvic stability but do not need the same advanced level of support as those with complex needs, the Everyday Activity Seat has been updated to provide new fabric options and chassis colours.

The Everyday Activity Seat is available in 3 sizes, 4 chassis types, 2 chassis colours, 2 fabric types and 5 colours options. A range of accessories are available which allows the therapist to exactly match the client's postural needs.

Although the look of the Everyday Activity Seat has changed, it still offers the same great benefits. Watch the video below to find out more about the pelvic stability and postural support provided by the Everyday Activity Seat. 

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Technical Overview

Size 1:
Approx. 1-6 years old
Size 2: Approx. 5-12 years old
Size 3: Approx. 11-18 years old
Complexity: Moderate

Key Product Dimensions 

   Seat Depth    Seat Width    Backrest Height
Size 1  150-280mm    160-280mm    300-400mm
Size 2  230-380mm    260-380mm    400-520mm
Size 3  330-480mm    340-500mm    450-630mm
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