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Potty Trainer

  • Age1-11
  • Complexitymild - moderate

Comfortable Secure Potty Trainer for Children

The Easy Seat can be converted into a Potty Trainer in seconds allowing the product to be used for toilet training.

The child can be seated in a comfortable, secure position, allowing them to feel confident while potty training is taking place.

Technical Overview

Size 1: 1-3 Yrs
Size 2: 2-5 Yrs
Size 3: 3-8 Yrs
Size 4: 5-10Yrs

Mild to Moderate

Key Product Dimensions:
Size 1:

Seat Base Depth: 175mm
Seat Width: 350mm
Backrest Height: 225-285mm
Calf Length: 150-230mm
Size 2:
Seat Base Depth: 225mm
Seat Width: 370mm
Backrest Height: 265-340mm
Calf Length: 220-300mm
Size 3:
Seat Base Depth: 250mm
Seat Width: 450mm
Backrest Height: 325-425mm
Calf Length: 250-350mm
Size 4:
Seat Base Depth: 300mm
Seat Width: 490mm
Backrest Height: 400-500mm
Calf Length: 300-420mm


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