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  • Age0-18
  • Complexitymoderate - complex

Postural Management During Sleep

The easily transported Leckey Sleepform System allows therapists to continue to address postural management issues even during the night.

Sleepform supports the individual in a symmetric posture while they are asleep and can be used reduce the build up of pressure points, thus increasing comfort and the likelihood of an undisturbed night’s sleep for both them and their family. It can be easily transported so is ideal for use at home, holiday or respite facilties.

Case Histories

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Posture & Function

Sleepform is designed to provide comfortable and secure support for children as they rest, preventing destructive postures during sleep.

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  • image_title Unique postures can be supported during sleep or rest using the uniquely mouldable Sleepform mattress.
  • image_title Where the recommended sleep posture is side lying, the user can also be safely and comfortably positioned.
  • image_title Where positioning of the legs is the primary problem, leg and knee guides can be used separately or together to prevent windsweeping, frogging or scissoring.  

Technical Overview

Suitability: Complexity:
Size 1: 0-1Yrs, Suitable for Cot  
Size 2: 1-5Yrs, Suitable for Cot
Size 3: 1-5Yrs, Suitable for Single bed
Size 4: 5-18Yrs, Suitable for Single bed
Moderate to Complex
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