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Special Tomato® Soft-Touch™ Sitter

  • Age1- Adult
  • ComplexityMild to Moderate

The Special Tomato® Soft-Touch™ Sitters live up to their name, making a comfortable alternative seating solution for children with mild to moderate postural needs.

Combined with the mobile tilt wedge with its four lockable castors, the seat can be easily manoeuvred and tilted up to 25°. The sitter can be removed from the base and securely attached to standard chairs found in the home, school or community. It makes an ideal feeder seat. The seat parts of Sizes 1 and 2 can be inserted into the Special Tomato® eio Push Chair or Jogger to give a comfortable mobility solution. 

The optional Floor Wedge kit features a rigid base onto which the seat can be attached. This provides stability and lifts the sitter slightly off the floor. This is an ideal solution to bring children down to the same level as their peers while playing or during circle activities. Made of latex-free, seamless material, the Soft-TouchTM Sitters are peel, bite and tear resistant, impermeable to fluids and withstand cracking. The soft, durable material is anti-microbial and cleans easily with common disinfectant.

Distributed by Leckey in UK & ROI only

Technical Overview


Suitability Complexity
1 yr -adult Mild to Moderate
Key Product Dimensions  
Size 1:

User Height: 75-100cm
User weight: 9.1-18.1kg

Size 2:

User Height: 87.5-120cm
User weight: 13.6-27.2kg

Size 3:

User Height: 100-140cm
User weight: 18.1-36.3kg

Size 4:

User Height: 125-162.5cm
User weight: 22.7-49.9kg

Size 5:

User Height: 135-185cm
User weight: 40.8-90.7kg


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