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Squiggles Early Sitting System

  • Age18-48 months
  • Complexitymild - complex

3-in-1 Sitting System - Dynamic, Prone and Long Sitting - for Babies and Infants

The Early Sitting System is designed to encourage children up to 48 months to develop sitting balance.

The dynamic trunk support of this lightweight, portable seat allows upper body movement. It can be set up for dynamic sitting, prone sitting and long sitting and can even be strapped to a normal dining table chair.

Posture & Function

The Early Sitting System facilitates supported sitting, which encourages the development of head control and provides a stable base from which children can use their hands.

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  • image_title The dynamic trunk support allows children to sit with the necessary support to explore their environment and return to the upright seated posture.  
  • image_title Long sitting is enabled with the addition of the adjustable leg support.
  • image_title When the ESS is elevated into prone, slight anterior tilt of the pelvis is encouraged, promoting the development of spinal curves and trunk stability.  

Technical Overview

Suitability Complexity
18-48 Months, Max 17Kg Mild to Complex
Key Product Dimensions


Seat Depth: 190-260mm
Seat Width: 150-200mm
Trunk Support Height: 190-255mm
Chest Width: 160-220mm
Hip Circumference: 502-570mm
Max leg Support Length: 552mm


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