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Tour Mobility Base

  • Age3-Adult
  • ComplexityModerate - Complex

Providing mobility solutions for adults, teens and kids with complex postural needs.

Sizes & Technical Info

Product features:

  • Seat interface for KIT and Mygo Seating Systems
  • 30 degree tilt in space
  • Virtual pivot point
  • Different wheel size options
  • Brake lever on handles
  • Tie downs for transportation
  • Anti-tippers

Leckey Mobility Base - Crash Test Information

The Leckey Mobility Base has been crash tested and passed for use in vehicles.

If the Leckey Mobility Base is being used in a vehicle the following points must be adhered to:
The Leckey Mobility Base must be positioned forward facing.
For further details please contact our Customer Service Department.

The Leckey Mobility Base is crash tested and meets the requirements of ISO 7176-19 and also ISO 10542. 

Product Sizing

Configured for: Mygo or KIT
Front Castor Diameter 4" (100mm) 6" (150mm) 8" (200mm)
Wheelbase 420mm 425mm 430mm





Configured for: Mygo KIT
Rear wheel diameter 12" (30.5cm) 22" (56cm), 24" (61cm) 12" (30.5cm) 22" (56cm,24" (61cm)
Overall width 645mm 645mm 645mm 690m
Overall length without seat 790mm 790mm 850mm 850mm
Turning radius 1665mm 1665mm 1712mm 1785
Space between wheels 500mm 515mm 500mm 570mm
Chassis weight 23kg 27kg 23kg 27kg
Max combined weight of user and seat 110kg
Seat base height 450mm
Push handle height 1050-1280mm
Push handle angle 90-120°
Minimum height when folded 570mm
Seat tilt 0-30°











Technical Overview

Suitability Complexity
Age 3yrs - Adult Moderate to Complex


Key Product Dimensions:
Chassis Weight:
23kg with 12" wheels
27kg with 22" or 24" wheels
Max combined weight of user and seat: 110kg
Seat Base Height: 450mm
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