Support As Individual As You Are - Introducing the Leckey BeMe

2nd November 2021

Leckey is delighted to announce the launch of BeMe, a ground-breaking, infinitely configurable seating system that provides the highest level of individualised support for children.

Designed with the needs of the child as the primary focus, BeMe provides superior support for posture, comfort and function through its interchangeability and configurability. Suitable for children with mild to complex postural needs, this seating system features a universal component known as the core, from which other parts can be quickly and easily attached and detached. It comes in three sizes, and offers three seat options, three back supports, high-low chassis, manual and power Sunrise Medical wheelchair bases, as well as interchangeable accessories in a range of sizes and complexities, making it easy to find the right support.

One of the most exciting innovations that BeMe has to offer is the world's first truly growable contoured cushion. Whilst the benefits of contoured seating have long been recognised in wheelchair design, BeMe's contoured seat has taken these design principles a step further, using a high-stretch fabric and expandable foam to maximise pelvic stability and comfort as the child grows and develops. This breakthrough in support technology envelopes the child, increasing pressure distribution and reducing the need for additional accessories such as pommels and hip guides.

BeMe will initially launch in the UK and Ireland, with further launches scheduled in early 2022 in international markets.

Ben Stocks, Managing Director at Leckey commented, "We are incredibly excited to launch BeMe, a product that will revolutionise seating and help transform the lives of many children and their families. This product is the culmination of many years of research and development where we have listened to therapists, carers and parents about the challenges they face with traditional seating systems and we have responded.  BeMe is truly ground-breaking and spec'd to perfection, offering a whole new level of configurability and personalization, to achieve our overriding goal of fitting the chair to the child, rather than the child to the chair."

Clinical Director for Leckey, Dr Laura Finney, added, "BeMe was designed to deliver the best in posture, function and comfort, through its unique modularity and smart innovation that caters to a wide range of children, of differing age, ability or need.  We have conducted long-term BeMe evaluations and were so encouraged to see children who have previously been unable to tolerate other seating systems significantly benefit from BeMe.  BeMe has not only enabled children to achieve an excellent supported and comfortable seating position, but has made them more confident and independent in their daily activities, empowering a child to simply BeMe."

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