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Shannon Cummings is the first in our new series of parent bloggers, sharing her family experience with 6 year old son, Jaxon. She lives with her husband Stephen, sons Alfie (2) and, of course, Jaxon. Shannon is Jaxon's full time carer while husband, Stephen, is an HGV driver.

Jax was born with a condition called NAIT (neonatal alloimune thrombocytopenia) which contributed to him having a low platelet count, discovered when he was only 13 hours old. As a result of this, he had 2 strokes before or during birth leading to him having a large cyst on the left side of his brain. Jaxon is also diagnosed with cerebral palsy, severally sight impaired, sensory processing difficulties and, most recently, epilepsy.

The Cummings family actively help support many charities that have helped Jaxon, such as Shine, Sense, NAITbabies and most recently Love Hope & Faith.



Our Family, Our Story - Shannon & Jaxon

Whilst we hadn’t considered it before, toileting was definitely something that would make a big difference to all of our lives. By that point, we were planning days out around nappy changes and changes of clothes, and it was becoming increasingly hard to find suitable changing facilities for a tall, growing boy. However, we had no preconceptions or expectations about how things would go - it was simply a case of opening up that opportunity and letting Jaxon take the lead.

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