What is happening with Leckey orders which have already been placed?

We have begun the process of a staged reopening of our UK manufacturing operations; however, we are not yet operating at full capacity.  We are working through the backlog of orders and these will be manufactured and prioritised based on order date.   Thank you for your continued patience and understanding and we will do our best to get your order to you as soon as possible.

Will Leckey accept new orders?  If so, how does this work?

Yes, we are accepting new orders. Our manufacturing operations are now open but at reduced capacity and orders will be prioritised based on order date. We thank you for your patience and understanding as we gradually build to full operational capacity and return to normal lead times.  If you have emergency orders please contact us and these will be prioritised.

Can I still order from the rapid response store?

Yes, the rapid response store remains open and we will endeavour to ship parts as soon as possible.

Do you offer technical support, set-up support or answer product queries?

Yes, we can offer support either by email or by video call.  Please contact us hello@leckey.com.

I need a piece of equipment urgently. Can you help?

We will do our best to help and urgent orders will be prioritised.  Please contact us at hello@leckey.com.

Can distributors avail of the rapid response and online support at this time?

Yes, our services are open to everyone.

What is happening with the FSN for the MyWay Harness?  Will we still receive our replacement harnesses?

All work on the FSN has been paused and we will send out replacement stock once we reopen. 

In the meantime, you can continue to use the MyWay harnesses but please pay great attention to the condition of the Velcro.  Conduct daily visual checks of the harness and never use a badly worn harness.  In particular, carefully check:

  • the harness and all straps/buckles for signs of wear and tear
  • the Velcro strip and remove any fluff caught in the Velcro hooks to ensure it secures firmly
  • the harness hoisting point and hoisting straps for signs of wear and tear.

If you need help or support, please contact hello@leckey.com.

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