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Applying The Latest Evidence & Best Practice Principles.

Join our leading specialists in children's disability practice therapy as they share the latest emerging evidence to expand your knowledge and learning. New approaches and best practice will be examined to challenge thinking and open the door to real-world techniques which can be applied to clinical practice.

14th April 2021 - The development of posture and motor control: theory and practical strategies

Join Rebekah Tinny and Laura Finney for a complimentary Leckey Learn webinar to review how posture and motor control develops and explore how early diagnosis, treatment and practical real-world techniques can improve function and motor control.

11am - click here to register.

4pm - click here to register.

28th April 2021 - Toileting for children with a neuro-disability

26th May 2021 - Seating series Part 1: Understanding the seated posture and setting goals

2nd June 2021 - Seating series Part 2: Best practice in seating assessment

9th June 2021 - Seating series Part 3: Turning assessment into a functional set-up

14th July 2021 - SATCo and Targeted Training: Assessing head and trunk control and using the outcome to maximise function

25th August 2021 - An update on cerebral palsy: Assessment, prevention and management

29th September 2021 - Simple steps to get the most from rehab equipment

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