Toilet time made easy, home and away – introducing the Firefly GottaGo

Firefly, part of the Leckey family circle, is pleased to announce the launch of GottaGo, a ground-breaking toilet seat, designed with a unique squat posture to make toileting easier anytime and anywhere.

Lightweight, sturdy and portable, the GottaGo’s warm-touch contoured seat offers a comfortable hug-like fit to encourage an optimal forward-leaning squat position which relaxes the muscles of the bladder and bowel.  The squat posture is enhanced by an adjustable footplate which brings the knees above the hips and an adjustable backrest and lateral supports, which all combine to provide an unrivalled and efficient position for toileting.  

Thanks to clever designing, the GottaGo arm supports, laterals and splash guard are integrated into the seat making it easier to use both home and away and providing the consistency needed for successful toileting.  It comes with a backpack and an evidenced-based toilet training guide to support and motivate families on their journey to toileting independence.

Clinical Director for Leckey and Firefly, Dr Laura Finney said: “When we set out to design GottaGo, we had a simple goal in mind and that was to make toileting easier and more accessible for children and their families.  The lightweight and portable features of the GottaGo provide the consistency of approach that is crucial for toileting and toilet training. The deep squat posture we have achieved is a very natural position which makes toileting easier by relaxing the muscles and letting gravity do the work – this reduces straining, effort and also the time needed to go.”

Ben Stocks, Managing Director at Leckey commented: “We are incredibly excited by the possibilities the GottaGo will create for the families and children we work with. We always like to be progressive and push boundaries.  This could never be truer than when it came to designing GottaGo.  Lifting the limits on where and when children can toilet and embracing family participation is at the heart of what we do.  We are so encouraged by the results we have seen in our product evaluations.  We have seen families’ lives be transformed, taking children from nappies and laxatives to independence and freedom.”

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Issued: 21 Jun 2021

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