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Need more support? Check out our recent toileting blogs, which include the pros and cons to common approaches to toilet training and simple exercises to help manage constipation. 

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8 Exercises That Can Help To Manage Constipation

Even with a varied diet, children with limited mobility can still get constipated. Less movement means that the bowels work less effectively, but research shows that some stretching exercises can help reduce constipation (Awan & Masood, 2016).

If you are on a toileting journey with your child, these eight stretches are a great place to start to help manage constipation. You should aim to hold each stretch for 30 seconds, and repeat 2-3 times. 

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Pros & Cons To Common Approaches To Toilet Training

When it comes to children with additional needs, toilet training can understandably get pushed down the priority list, but the earlier you can make a start, the easier it will be.

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Why we should all be squatting for toileting function

The squat posture can stretch tight muscles, reduce straining, and assist natural physiological function. The resulting toilet training success will have a positive impact on activity, participation, and quality of life for both the child and the family.  Now there is a child-sized product to support this functional posture the only question that remains is when are us adults going to catch up?

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