When Is The Right Time To Start Toileting? 

Wondering when is the right time to start toileting? Our collection of resources, including a bladder and bowel health check and toileting skills checklist will give you a good indication of whether your child is ready to start their toileting journey.

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When it comes to children with additional needs, toilet training can understandably get pushed down the priority list, but the earlier you can make a start, the easier it will be.

With improvements in nappies there has been a gradual delay in beginning toilet training. This makes it tricky for parents who are advised to look for clear signs of readiness as children are often unfamiliar with feeling wet. Leaving it later can make it more difficult for all involved so we advocate starting early and being consistent.

The first step of the training process is to make sure that your child’s bladder and bowel movements are both healthy and sufficiently developed, as this will have an impact on their ability to toilet train successfully.

As a rough guide, you are ready to start toilet training if your child is getting a normal pee colour (lemonade to light beer), regular 60-90 minute periods of dryness, and healthy and consistent poos - be aware that the squat posture can help with constipation. 

The following worksheets will help you assess this and identify areas for improvement.

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