Leckey Everyday Activity Seat

Strong, durable, practical and adjustable seating system, providing moderate support for kids and young adults aged 1-18 years.

4-point harness gives a secure, stable base of support.
Height and angle adjustable flip-up footplate to facilitate transfer.
Easy care – the brightly coloured covers can be removed and machine washed.
Highly configurable with 3 sizes, a range of chassis options and 5 colour options.
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Product Overview

Whether you're reading, learning, communicating or playing, it's all in a day's work with the Everyday Activity Seat.

The Everyday Activity Seat is now brighter and better! Designed specifically for children or young adults with moderate needs who still require pelvic stability but do not need the same advanced level of support as those with complex needs, the Everyday Activity Seat has been updated to provide new fabric options and chassis colours.

The Everyday Activity Seat is available in 3 sizes, 4 chassis types, 2 chassis colours, 2 fabric types and 5 colours options. A range of accessories are available which allows the therapist to exactly match the client's postural needs.

Features & Benefits

Fabric Options

Size Guide

Available in 3 sizes.

  Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Max load 30kg/66lbs 50kg/110lbs 100kg/220lbs
Weight - Seat & Hi-Low Chassis 29.5kg/65lbs 34kg/75lbs 49kg/108lbs
Seat Height (Hi-Low Chassis) 250-600/9.8-23.6 320-600/12.6-23.6 450-600/17.7-23.6
Seat Width 160-280/6.3-11 260-380/10.2-15 340-500/13.4-19.7
Seat Depth (Standard) 150-280/5.9-11 230-380/9-15 330-480/13-18.9
Seat Depth (Extended)   300-450/11.8-17.7  
Lateral Distance - Chest 150-220/5.9-8.7 170-275 / 6.7-11 240-370/9.4-14.6
Back Height 300-400/11.8-15.7 400-520/15.7-20.5  450-630/17.7-24.8
Back Angle 30° Supine/10° Prone
30° Supine/10° Prone
30° Supine/10° Prone
Armrest Height 150-250/5.9-9.8 200-300/7.9-11.8 450-630/17.7-24.8
Lower Leg Length 150-250/5.9-9.8 250-450/9.8-17.7 250-450/9.8-17.7
Lower Leg Angle -10o to +50° -10° to +50° -10° to +50°
Footplate Angle -15o to +10° -15° to +10° -15° to +10°
Tilt-in-space 30o Supine 10° Prone 30° Supine 10° Prone 30° Supine 10° Prone

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