Leckey Mygo Max

Strong, durable, practical and adjustable seating system for kids aged 12-18 years.

85kg weight limit.
Contoured seat with 500mm seat width.
Larger femoral guides, 2” higher than standard.
ID card, MP3 holder and bag hook.
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Product Overview

Mygo Max has been designed to offer all of the features and benefits of the Mygo Seat but with greater comfort, additional growth and more options to suit the larger teenager or young adult.

With a weight limit of 85kgs and a maximum seat width of 500mm, the Mygo MAX is the ideal seat to see young people the transition from school life onto their next adventure.

Features & Benefits

Fabric Options

Size Guide

Available in 1 size only.

Age 12-18 Years    
Max User Weight 85 kgs
Unit Weight 28 kgs
Seat Depth Min 410mm Min 16.1"
  Max 560mm Max 22"
Seat Width Min 345mm Min 13.6"
  Max 500mm Max 19.7"
Chest Width Min 230mm Min 9.1"
  Max 380mm Max 15"
Back Height Min 490mm Min 19.3"
  Max 620mm Max 24.4"
Seat to Sandal Min 330mm Min 13"
  Max 510mm Max 20.1"
Plantar/dorsiflexion 10-Oct degrees
Back Angle +10 to -25 degrees
Windsweeping up to 20 degrees
Calf Angle -15 to +30 degrees
Tilt-in-Space +10 to -25 degrees
Armrest Height Min 215mm Min 8.5"
  Max 350mm Max 13.8"

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