Leckey Mygo Stander

The stander which delivers truly excellent prone, supine and upright positioning for children with moderate to complex needs.

Accommodates hip, knee and ankle contractures
Designed to improve upper limb function
Easily configured, providing a personalised fit
3-in-1 stander
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Product Overview

Infinite positioning to help kids stand with confidence

Mygo Stander provides the best standing therapy solution on the market – this 3-in-1 stander delivers truly excellent positioning whether a child is in prone, supine or upright. Mygo Stander doesn’t compromise on quality, ensuring children get the support and comfort they need to enjoy standing and the benefits this brings.


Hip, knee and ankle contractures can be accommodated via Mygo Stander’s outstanding adjustability. The footplates and knee supports uniquely move together, taking the strain off the hip flexors, hamstrings and gastrocnemius muscles, ensuring children stand in a more upright functional posture. This linked movement opens up standing therapy to children who were previously unsuitable because of their contractures.

A child’s activity and independence can be increased through using Mygo Stander as it has been designed to improve upper limb function. The ergonomically designed chest pad replicates the shape of the rib cage, allowing the shoulder girdle to freely protract and retract in prone standing. This, combined with Mygo Stander’s lower tray height and a more upright head and chest position, supports significant improvement in the child’s upper limb function. The child has space to move, supporting freer arm movement and an increased ability to carry out everyday activities such as feeding themselves, playing, self-care tasks and communicating with others.

Mygo is a modular stander which can be tailored to meet a child’s specific needs and evolve with them as they grow and their postural support needs and therapy goals change. An extensive range of options and accessories enable an individualised fit, ensuring the best possible posture is achieved.

Features & Benefits

Fabric Options

Available in 4 fabric options.

Size Guide

Available in 2 sizes.

  Size 1 Size 2
Age 4-10 8-14
User Height 1080mm-1450mm (42.5”-57”) 1350mm-1700mm (53.1”-66.9”)
Max. User Weight 50kg (110lbs) 60kg (132lbs)
Chest Support Height (footplate to armpit) 760mm-1080mm (29.9”-42.5”) 980mm-1300mm (38.5”-51.1”)
Chest Width (distance between laterals) 160mm-280mm (6.2”-11”) 200mm-320mm (7.8”-12.5”)
Hip Support Height (footplate to mid-buttocks) 460mm-730mm (18.1”-28.7”) 620mm-875mm (24.4”-34.4”)
Hip Width (distance between hip guides) 220mm-330mm (8.6”-12.9”) 280mm-390mm (11”-15.3”)
Footplate Angle Plantarflexion 10° Dorsiflexion 10° Plantarflexion 10° Dorsiflexion 10°
Max. Knee Contracture Accommodated 25˚ 25˚
Tray height range (from top of hip pad) 0mm-150mm (0”-5.9”) 0mm-150mm (0”-5.9”)
Tray angle adjustment 45˚- Prone 45˚- Supine 45˚- Prone 45˚- Supine

Clinically Focused

Our approach is simple and clinically focused. Through early intervention, childhood and adulthood Leckey’s experienced team of designers and clinicians work together to develop a range of innovative products that meet the clinical needs of the healthcare professionals and the social needs of the user.

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