Leckey Mygo+

The seating system which delivers the optimum in posture, comfort and function for children with moderate to complex needs.

Unrivalled pelvic positioning for optimal support, comfort and function
Flexibility and adjustability to expertly accommodate asymmetry
Makes the world more accessible with a range of base options
Versatility via an extensive accessories range
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Product Overview

The ideal support and comfort kids need to maximise function.

The original Mygo Seat was ground-breaking in its design to optimise posture, comfort and function. Mygo+ builds on this foundation and goes even further in providing unrivalled postural support and comfort, helping more children with moderate to complex needs optimise their independence and opportunities for skill development.

The pelvic positioning delivered by Mygo+ is unparalleled, delivering optimum support, comfort and function for users. The unique pelvic cradle accessory supports the pelvis by wrapping around the buttocks and posterior pelvis to encourage and maintain an upright functional position. Furthermore, improvements in the structure of the pelvic cradle ensure it maintains optimum shape during hoisting or standing transfers. Trunk control and upper limb function are also maximised by the pelvic cradle via its increased proprioceptive feedback and improved posture.

Mygo+ offers the flexibility and adjustability required to accommodate a range of users with differing postural support needs. The flexible sacral support, independent hip guides, seat to back angle of up to 115°, ramped seat base, adjustable leg guides and footplates help make Mygo+ the perfect choice for children with pelvic rotation and tilt, mild scoliosis, shortened hamstrings, femoral and lower leg length difference and fixed plantar flexion. In addition, the innovatively designed split seat base enables the legs to move independently beyond the midline to accommodate windsweeping postures.

The range of bases available for use with Mygo+ helps make the world more accessible for the child. Mygo+ quickly and easily interfaces with a range of indoor and outdoor hi-low bases, as well as a number of options within Sunrise Medical’s ZIPPIE and QUICKIE mobility base ranges. 

Features & Benefits

Fabric Options

Available in 3 fabric colours and a vinyl version.

Size Guide

Available in 3 sizes.

  Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Age (approx) 3-10 8-14 10-16
User Weight Min 18kg (40lbs) Max 50kg (110lbs) Min 18kg (40lbs) Max 60kg (132lbs) Min 18kg (40lbs) Max 70kg (154lbs)
User Height Min 105cm (41”) Max 150cm (59”) Min 127cm (50”) Max 168cm (66”) Min 150cm (59”) Max 175cm (69”)
Seat Width Min 200mm (8”) Max 325mm (13”) Min 220mm (8.7”) Max 345mm (13.6”) Min 250mm (9.8”) Max 400mm (15.7”)
Seat Depth Min 270mm (10.6”) Max 420mm (16.5”) Min 350mm (13.8”) Max 470mm (18.5”) Min 350mm (13.8”) Max 470mm (18.5”)
Chest Width Min 170mm (6.7”) Max 270mm (10.6”) Min 170mm (6.7”) Max 270mm (10.6”) Min 200mm (7.8”) Max 300mm (11.8”)
Backrest Height Min 360mm (14.2”) Max 470mm (18.5”) Min 460mm (18.1”) Max 570mm (22.4”) Min 460mm (18.1”) Max 570mm (22.4”)
Backrest Angle Prone 10° - Recline 25° Prone 10° - Recline 25° Prone 10° - Recline 25°
Lower Leg Length Min 215mm (8.5”) Max 350mm (13.8”) Min 315mm (12.4”) Max 470mm (18.5”) Min 315mm (12.4”) Max 470mm (18.5”)
Armrest Height Min 160mm (6.3”) Max 210mm (8.3”) Min 210mm (8.3”) Max 260mm (10.2”) Min 210mm (8.3”) Max 260mm (10.2”)
Tray Size 550 x 480mm (21.6” x 18.9”) 550 x 480mm (21.6” x 18.9”) 550 x 480mm (21.6” x 18.9”)
Seat Height (Footpedal Chassis) 340mm-655mm (13.4”-25.8”) 340mm-655mm (13.4”-25.8”) 340mm-655mm (13.4”-25.8”)
Seat Height (Powered Chassis) 370mm-675mm (14.6”-26.6”) 370mm-675mm (14.6”-26.6”) 370mm-675mm (14.6”-26.6”)



 Pelvic Cradle Size Guide    
Cradle Size Hip Circumference (mm) ASIS - ASIS (mm)
Size 2 Min 440mm Max 575mm Min 130mm Max 160mm
Size 3 Min 520mm Max 650mm Min 160mm Max 180mm
Size 4 Min 600mm Max 740mm Min 180mm Max 200mm
Size 5 Min 660mm Max 855mm Over 200
Size 6 Min 790mm Max 990mm Over 200

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