Leckey MyWay

MyWay is an upright movement device from Leckey, which is all about providing children with maximum opportunities for interaction, exploration and participation in a supported, upright position.

Revolutionary Patented harness support.
Open-frame design.
Maximum user weight of 80kg.
Multi-directional castors.
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Product Overview

MyWay has a revolutionary harness support system which delivers the core stability required to support head control and limb movement, enabling children to achieve optimum stepping ability.


Furthermore, MyWay's open-frame design makes touching, feeling, participating and discovering easier, giving children more opportunities for development and learning. It also allows therapists to get close to the child and work with their lower limbs whilst they are in MyWay.

Features & Benefits

Posture & Function

Harness Options

The MyWay Harness is available in 6 fabric colours.

Size Guide

Available in 3 sizes.

Frame Size 1 2 3
Age (approx.) 1-5 4-11 9-16
User Shoulder Height (to floor) (mm) 635-920 870-1190 1070-1490
User Saddle Height (inside leg) (mm) 220-440 400-610 550-810
Max. User Weight (kg) 25 50 80
Frame Weight (kg) 12 6.5 9.5
Upper Support Unit Weight (kg) Size 1 frame
and upper support unit
do not separate
10.5 11
Frame Width 570 670 720
Frame Length 720 850 1100


Harness Size Age (approx.) Waist at Navel Level (cm) Max. User Weight (kg) Colour
1 1-4 46-56 50 Purple
2 2-6 50-60 50 Green
3 5-9 55-65 50 Blue
4 8-12 60-70 80 Red
5 12-15 70-80 80 Orange
6 Up to 16 80-90 80 Grey


Please note - the maximum user weight for MyWay is determined by the combination of frame and harness sizes selected- the maximum user weight is the lower of these limits. For example, if a Size 3 frame and a Size 3 harness are selected, the maximum user weight is 50kg, as determined by the harness limit. 

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