Leckey MyWay+

MyWay+ is an open frame walker which continues to lead the way when it comes to opening a world of independence and exploration for children.

Unique corset-like harness with wraparound support
Open-frame design for interaction and participation
New robust indoor-outdoor wheels
Resized size 1 frame to support early intervention
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Product Overview

Support To Go Your Own Way

MyWay+ is an open frame walker which cleverly supports children in an upright position, improving stepping and maximising opportunities for exploration, interaction and participation. 

A bespoke frame combined with a wraparound hoistable harness, and a wide range of accessories, ensures the MyWay+ can be tailored to meet every need and ability.


Building on the very best of the MyWay walker, we are excited to introduce MyWay+, reimagined with a wide range of new features and accessories to suit every need. By allowing the MyWay+ to be tailored to each child’s individual needs, we have opened up even more possibilities for children to play, have fun and explore without limitations.
Early intervention is key to optimising a child’s potential, and therefore we have resized our size 1 frame to better accommodate younger children’s body proportions and really give them the best opportunity to develop their physical, cognitive, emotional and social skills.

Posture & Function

Features & Benefits

MyWay Pedal

Harness Options

The MyWay Harness is available in 6 fabric colours.

Size Guide

Available in 3 sizes.

Frame Size 1 2 3
Age (approx.) 1-5 4-11 9-16
User Shoulder Height (to floor) (mm) 590-870 870-1190 1070-1490
User Saddle Height (inside leg) (mm) 240-410 400-610 550-810
Max. User Weight (kg) 25 50 80
Frame Weight (kg) 14 7.5 11
Upper Support Unit Weight (kg) Size 1 frame
and upper support unit
do not separate
10 11
Frame Width 570 670 720
Frame Length 840 930 1180


Please note:  MyWay1+ Pedal will reduce maximum shoulder height by 100mm

Harness Size Age (approx.) Waist at Navel Level (cm) Max. User Weight (kg) Colour
1 1-4 46-56 50 Purple
2 2-6 50-60 50 Green
3 5-9 55-65 50 Blue
4 8-12 60-70 80 Red
5 12-15 70-80 80 Orange
6 Up to 16 80-90 80 Grey


Please note:

The maximum user weight for MyWay+ is determined by the combination of frame and harness sizes selected- the maximum user weight is the lower of these limits. For example, if a Size 3 frame and a Size 3 harness are selected, the maximum user weight is 50kg, as determined by the harness limit. 


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Options & Accessories

View optional accessories for your Leckey MyWay+

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