Leckey Pronestander

Robust, adjustable prone standing system for users aged 1-18 years.

Easy to set up and adjust for multiple users.
Five incremental secure prone positions possible, from 85° to 45°.
Supplied as standard with individually adjustable chest, hip, knee and sandal supports.
Enables de-rotation of the hips as well as alignment of the pelvis and centre of gravity over the base of support.
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Product Overview

The Leckey Pronestander is a robust stander with a choice of five prone positions from 45° to 85°.

In addition to the prone angle adjustment, the stander covers a large growth range and has adjustable chest, hip and knee supports, to ensure that it meets a large range of clinical needs.

Features & Benefits

Fabric Options

Size 1 only available in Meadow Fabric. Size 2 & 3 only available in Mondeo Fabric.

Size Guide

Available in 3 sizes.

  Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Age 1-5 4-10 9-18
User Standing Height 800mm-1151mm (31.4”-45.3”) 1100mm-1448mm (43.3”-57”) 1400mm-1849mm (55.1”-72.7”)
Max. User Weight 60kg (132lbs) 80kg (176lbs) 90kg (198lbs)
Chest Pad Height 470mm-680mm (18.5”-26.7”) 680mm-975mm (26.7”-38.3”) 975mm-1350mm (38.3”-53.1”)
Prone Angles 85°, 75°, 65°, 55°, 45°    
Width between Chest Laterals 152mm-254mm (5.9”-10”) 203mm-305mm (7.9”-12”) 254mm-356mm (10”-14”)
Tray Sizes 540mmx385mm (21.2”x15.1”) 580mmx410mm (22.8”x16.1”) 645mmx460mm (25.3”x18.1”)

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