Leckey Squiggles Seat

Suitable for use as a home chair, school chair or with a buggy base. Squiggles meets all the postural and comfort requirements of a seating system for young children with special needs while maintaining a fun, colourful design.

Flexible sacral cushion, which can be shaped to the child’s lower back, supports the lower spine in the desired position.
4 point pelvic harness is adjustable to give a secure, stable base of support and is cushioned for the child’s comfort.
Ramped base cushion prevents the child sliding forward.
Hip guides are also adjustable for optimised postural support.
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Product Overview

The Squiggles Seating System for children aged 1-5 years benefits from a number of improved design features and more advanced materials, making it more comfortable and easier to care for. 

With its bright colours and clinical focus, the Squiggles Seating System has always been about fulfilling the postural and emotional needs of young children and their families. The Squiggles Seating System is able to help a broad range of kids to carry out everyday functions at home, in the classroom or even out and about.

Features & Benefits

Fabric Options

Size Guide

Available in 1 size.

Product Sizing      
    mm Inches
Age (Approx)  1-5 Years    
Stature Min 750 29.5
  Max 1100 43.3
Max User Weight (kg/Lbs)   22Kg 48.4Lbs
Seat Depth Min 190 7.5
(Backrest to back of knee) Max 290 11.4
Seat width Min 160 6.3
Max 260 10.2
Hip Width Min 160 6.3
(Distance between hip guides)
  Max 220 8.7
Backrest Height Min 320 12.6
(Sitting shoulder height)
  Max 380 15
Backrest Height Min 430 16.5
(with shoulder support)
  Max 480 18.9
Chest Width Min 160 6.3
(Distance between laterals)
Knee Width Max 90 3.5
Distance between pommel & side of seat Min 190 7.5
Seat to Footplate Min 122.5 4.8
(Sole of foot to back of knee)
Seat to Floor Min 290 11.4
(Top of seat to floor)
  Max 670 26.4
Backrest Angle Prone 10° 10°
  Recline 25° 25°
Footplate Angle Plantarflexion 10° 10°
  Dorsiflexion 10° 10°
Tray Size   460/560 18.1/22

Chassis Options

Options & Accessories

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