Leckey Tour Mobility Base

The Tour Mobility Base by Leckey is a manual mobility base which can be configured for the KIT and Mygo Seating Systems.

Crash tested to ISO 7176-19.
Strength and durability tested to ISO 7176-8.
4", 6" and 8" front castors options available
22" and 24" wheels options available
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Product Overview

The importance of mobility cannot be underestimated as it gives an individual independence. 

For adults, independence becomes more important as they depend on their mobility and seating systems every day, enabling them to participate fully in their daily activities.

For teens and kids, mobility not only gives independence but also benefits their parents, carers, and families. It enables the child to explore, learn, socialise and develop encouraging cognitive and sensory development and boosting their self-confidence.

Fundamental to providing this independence are the principles of posture, function, and comfort which we have used for over 30 years in the design of all Leckey seating systems and the new Leckey Tour.

Features & Benefits

Clinically Focused

Our approach is simple and clinically focused. Through early intervention, childhood and adulthood Leckey’s experienced team of designers and clinicians work together to develop a range of innovative products that meet the clinical needs of the healthcare professionals and the social needs of the user.

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Size Guide

Configured for: Mygo KIT
Rear wheel diameter 12" (30.5cm) 22" (56cm), 24" (61cm) 12" (30.5cm) 22" (56cm,24" (61cm)
Overall width 645mm 645mm 645mm 690m
Overall length without seat 790mm 790mm 850mm 850mm
Turning radius 1665mm 1665mm 1712mm 1785
Space between wheels 500mm 515mm 500mm 570mm
Chassis weight 23kg 27kg 23kg 27kg
Max combined weight of user and seat 110kg
Seat base height 450mm
Push handle height 1050-1280mm
Push handle angle 90-120°
Minimum height when folded 570mm
Seat tilt 0-30°

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