JCM Triton

Versatile, modular seating system designed to provide high levels of comfort and support for children from 6 months to 18 years old.

Versatile seating system with extensive range of accessories
Highly adjustable, changing to meet user needs
Dynamic back and footplate option available
Suitable for use with a wide range of bases

Product Overview

The Triton product family ensures all ages and all postural support needs, from mild to complex, are covered through its range of modular options. The range of Triton Lite, Triton 0 and Triton 1-3, along with the variety of accessories available enable a Triton of any size and specification to be built.


Triton’s unique Dynamix options mean even those users with powerful extensor patterns can maintain their optimum seating position. The unique dynamic back is air pressure controlled rather than using the commonly seen spring action. This controls the resistance the user feels as they extend and return in the chair, enabling the Triton and user to move in harmony. The dynamic footplate can move slightly in any direction, improving sensory experience.

Features & Benefits

Stirata Fabric Options

Libra Fabric Options

Neoprene Fabric Options

Size Guide

The JCM Triton is available in 4 sizes. Longer and wider options also available in Size 1 and 2.


Size 0 Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Seat Width 260mm 315mm 395mm 475mm
Seat Depth  150-275mm 200-350mm 300-450mm 415-565mm
Seat Depth Split Seat N/A 200-350mm 300-450mm 415-565mm
Seat to Top of Back  290-375mm 300-440mm 390-560mm 480-680mm
Seat Width 260mm 315mm 395mm 475mm
Seat Width Between Hip Pads 125-225mm 170-250mm 220-330mm 300-400mm
Seat Width Between Hip Pads (Optional 50mm Pad) 75-175mm 120-200mm 140-250mm 250-350mm
Seat Height 420-810mm 420-810mm 420-810mm 420-810mm
Seat Tilt -15 to 25 degrees -15 to 25 degrees -15 to 25 degrees -15 to 25 degrees
Backrest Height 290-375mm 300-440mm 390-560mm 480-680mm
Back Recline -5 to 40 degrees -5 to 40 degrees -5 to 40 degrees -5 to 25 degrees
Maximum User Weight 41kg (compact base) 46kg 60kg 60kg 80kg
Total Weight 11kg 14.5kg 19.1kg 22.5kg


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