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You will find handy information from unpacking to assembling your Leckey product and guiding you through correct use and optimal set up for postural management. For additional clinical resources and advice, visit our blog section.

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BeMe Tutorial - Full Video

Full instructional video for setting up and using your BeMe

BeMe Tutorial - Assembly

A useful guide to unpacking and assembling your BeMe Seat before use.

BeMe Tutorial - Clinical Setup For Postural Management

How to set up the BeMe seat to achieve optimal postural management.

BeMe Tutorial - Fitting Cushions

How to correctly fit the cushions, covers and support harnesses when assembling your BeMe Seat

BeMe Contoured Cushion Showcase

Take a closer look at the unique contoured cushion option for the BeMe seating system.

BeMe Dynamic Backrest Showcase

Take a closer look at the dynamic backrest option for the BeMe seating system.

BeMe Quick Release Showcase

Take a closer look at the quick release option for the BeMe seating system.

BeMe – Behind The Scenes with Chris

Go behind the scenes with Chris, our Lead Designer, and learn about the story and creation of BeMe

BeMe - Imteyaz Case Story

We spoke to physiotherapist Ellie about how BeMe transformed Imteyaz's comfort and engagement at school.

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