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You will find handy information from unpacking to assembling your Leckey product and guiding you through correct use and optimal set up for postural management. For additional clinical resources and advice, visit our blog section.

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Introducing MyWay+

MyWay+ is an open frame walker which continues to lead the way when it comes to opening a world of independence and exploration for children.

MyWay+ Emilia Case Story

Emilia can join in with her siblings using the new MyWay+.

MyWay+ Tom Case Story

Tom uses his MyWay+ and MyWay Pedal accessory to have fun outside with his family.

MyWay+ Willow Case Story

Willow used the new patent-pending side-step feature of the MyWay+ to increase her hip muscle strength.

MyWay+ Harry Case Story

The new accessories on the MyWay+ helped Harry improve his stepping ability.

MyWay + Clinical Tips For Initiating Movement

Does your child have difficulty initiating movement? Try these tips from our clinical team

MyWay+ Clinical Tips To Develop Head Control

Some children may struggle to maintain their head position - this video contains helpful advice from our clinical team.

MyWay+ Clinical Tips To Develop Abductor Strength

This video contains tips on using side stepping to improve abductor strength

MyWay+ Clinical Tips For Scissoring Gait

Our Clinical Team has some helpful tips for managing a scissoring gait in the MyWay+

MyWay+ Instructional How To Video

An instructional video on making the most of the MyWay+

MyWay+ Transferring

This video demonstrates how to transfer into your MyWay+

Using the MyWay Pedal with MyWay+

The MyWay+ is compatible with MyWay Pedal. Watch how to set it up and use it correctly.

MyWay + Frame Setup

An instructional video on how to set up the frame of the MyWay+.

MyWay+ Upper Support Adjustments

An instructional video on using the upper support adjustments correctly.

MyWay+ Adjustment Of The Harness

An instructional video on making adjustments to the MyWay+ harness.

MyWay+ Tutorial - Castors

An instructional video on how to use the MyWay+ castors.

MyWay+ Tutorial - Using Optional Accessories

Instructional video on attaching various optional accessories for MyWay+

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